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jul. - Dame Julie Walters has called for women to be paid the same as men for doing “the same bloody job”. 8. sep. - The year-old Dynasty legend admitted she finds love scenes 'embarrassing', and that the worst she had ever done was with Breakfast at Tiffany's star George Peppard, as he 'really disliked me'. nov. - NEW YORK — One of the first calls that Jessica Shepard made when she found out that she was granted immediate eligibility at Notre Dame was to her year-old grandfather. He was one of the people to get her into basketball, starting when she was 3 years old. Lately, he's been the one who was calling.


A Conversation With Koko “What are you doing?” Dame Nissi asks. “Chatting with Lexis ” Lord Omicron finds a simple answer to match the simple question, and more importantly make his complex wife to simply understandhim. Well, it's not that simple. Of course Dame Nissi wants to know what he's doing in his labthis time,not whathe's doing with. feb. - When I saw the play Giant Box of Porn last summer at Capital Fringe, it hit home for me. I walked out with one thought blaring through my baby-fevered mind: Don't shake a rattle during sex. Yes, that actually happens as the main couple in the play navigate their sex life, with Kate eager to get pregnant. sep. - Stop by Saint Liam Hall for an interactive workshop designed to provide you with the skills to live well through all of life's rythyms. This skills-based workshop will discuss all aspects of stress – what it is, where it comes from, and most importantly how to deal with it. Join in to learn about and practice a variety.


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